Turkey Chili with Kale

Rev up your chili game with this hearty and healthy twist on the classic. Subbing ground turkey for the beef trims down the saturated fat, while black beans deliver gut-friendly fiber; kale comes in clutch with a healthy dose of vitamin C.


Quinoa Pepper Chili

Quinoa holds strong as one of our favorite ingredients for the healthy cook: a quick-cooking, gluten-free whole grain that’s also a good source of protein. Quinoa is ideal in soups and stews because the grains don’t soak up too much liquid.


Dragon’s Breath Chili

So when hunting for a chili recipe that wouldn’t hold back, I knew Fieri would deliver. I figured his all-or-nothing approach to cooking would be perfect for chili, and who better to amp up the spice than the mayor of Flavortown himself? His recipe — dubbed dragon’s breath chili — uses a slew of zesty ingredients from roasted peppers to spicy Italian sausage, so I knew it would pack a punch.