This web site was designed for the pepper fanatics. Enjoy the wonderful world that peppers have to offer. Check out our hundreds of spicy recipes, from spicy main course recipes, home made hot sauce recipes, spicy breakfast recipes, spicy drink recipes, and even spicy dessert recipes. I promise you wee will have recipes to please everybody. Not only for the spicy freaks but recipes for the people with weak mouths.

Spice of life will introduce you to beautful symphony of spicy ingredients, exotic treats, rich flavors, aromatic smells and exquisite colors that all come together in the overture of spicy cooking.

Cooking is not just a hobby but an art and science. To take all the ingredients, that were created on Earth, and bring them together to tantilize all our senses; Sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.

Nothing brings more color and taste then peppers. A colorful fruit with such allure and flavor. Spicy food is an essiential part of many peoples lives and with looking at the peppers, who could disagree. These spicy recipes are the only ones I know where I can have reds, greens, oranges, and yellows all on my plate at the same time.

Learn all about hot peppers and see if there are any new peppers to try and tantalize your taste buds. Or maybe just a new pepper to spice up your favorite recipe.

For those with the green thumbs or those just interested in growing there own peppers. Read up on our growing guide. You don’t just need a large yard to start a pepper garden, many keep their peppers in pots on their patios. Also learn how to harvest and dry your peppers for the winter season.

For those who make peppers an obsession of theirs. We have tons of products for the pepper lovers. Including novelty items, art work, hot sauces, and seasoning mixes.

So please get started crusing our spicy recipes, and don’t forget if you have your own spicy recipes, even recipes that might not be included in any genre here, please submit them. We want to grow our list of spicy recipes.